Our Story

Hi! I’m Mario Matassa. An Australian Architect helping people realize their dreams to design and build their own homes. Although I currently run my own practice in Australia – Property Genesis – for select commercial clients and personal investment,
I have been assisting people design and build their own homes since graduating university.

Deciding to build your own home is a BIG decision. For most it will be the biggest investment in time and money they will ever make.
I ‘take my hat off’ to those who embark on such a journey.

Designing and planning your project correctly before you start ‘digging holes’ is crucial if you do not want to spend your hard earned money fixing mistakes.

“It’s quicker and cheaper to change
a few lines on paper than it is to
demolish and rebuild a wall”

Everyday, I drive past numerous homes that have been built by (owner builders), also known as (self builders) who have obviously skimmed past the process of designing and planning their home correctly before building. The results! well, let’s say the streetscape isn’t as beautiful as it could have been.

I cringe at the amount of wasted money that was spent to achieve such mediocre results. A fraction of that could have been spent on a little guidance in design and planning saving them thousands and most likely a lot of stress and time. I drive past these houses everyday pondering what could have been.

Designing and planning a custom home is a process of thought, discussion and exploration. It takes time to move through this process before you arrive at a point where you are ready to build. This process not only involves imagining the rooms, vistas and style your home will possess but also balancing other factors such as regulation, budget and time.

As much as I enjoy this process of creating something in my mind’s eye into something real, I simply did not have the time to help everyone start their journey safely.

“It’s not the amount of bricks you have!
It’s the way you stack them.”

These thoughts started me thinking. How can I help these people realize their dreams without making the mistakes that will cost them a fortune? And, still have time to pursue my own adventures and enjoy my growing family? Well I started by writing my first ebook

“7 Biggest Mistakes DIY Home Designers Make
& How to Avoid them”.

But this wasn’t enough. There was so much more I could share. Enter DreamHomeDoodle.com I started DreamHomeDoodle to combine the awesome time leveraging power of the world-wide-web with my thoughts and knowledge in the process of designing and planning dream homes.

Through this website I now can help many thousands of people at the same time as helping just one and because of the scale in economy I can now provide this assistance at a fraction of the cost. Not only that! I could also bring together all the other aspects of design such as interior design, kitchen design and bathroom design conveniently in one place.

Specifically, DreamHomeDoodle.com is an online design studio where the process of turning the ideas you can see in your mind’s eye into a resolved design ready to be built. Solving this puzzle of balancing, space planning, material selection, construction technologies, cost planning, style, colour, functionality and of course our responsibilities to the environment is challenging.

Hopefully, DreamHomeDoodle can help make this process simple, enjoyable and most importantly save you a whole lot of heartache and expense in achieving what I believe everyone deserves – To live in their very own dream home.

Come join all the DreamHomeDoodler’s in the design studio making their dreams come true.

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