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Roof! Roof!

Deciding what type of roof design to use is a balancing act between emotion and practicality. When designing your dream home which should come first? Your emotional expectations or practical needs of your roof? Here are a few things to think about to help you decide.
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Get Sorted! Get Sample Boxes

Designing your own custom home will see you making decisions on a lot of issues. The list can be mind boggling. One area of decision making involves the selection of both exterior and interior materials. These materials need to be assessed for their durability, color choice, texture, manufacture, installation and of course budget.
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Scrap Book It!

There are a thousand ways to design a house. Every one of them are perfectly good designs. Designing the one that suits the way you live, looks the way you want it and meets your budget is a unique solution. Getting this solution down on paper is not always an easy task.
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