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It’s Cheaper to redraw it!

The pencil, paper and eraser may seem to be humble items however, they can save you tens of thousands of dollars. Designing and building a new home or addition to an existing one, involves many decisions, alot of time and more importantly, money.
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Have You Taken Your Vitamins?

Undertaking a major building project can be long and arduous. Sometimes more than two years long. During this time there are many decisions to be made and challenges to overcome usually while looking after a young family. In order to keep your stress level in check during the process, think about what you will need […]
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What’s your motivation?

When I meet new clients for the first time my questions focus on issues other than bricks, mortar and style. I am interested in their motivations for wanting to design a custom home. Understanding the end goal, the reasons for embarking on a building project journey, will show the path you will need to travel, […]
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