Chicken or the Egg!

So, you have decided to design and build your own home. Where do you start? Do you buy the plot of land first and then design the house or do you design the perfect house and find a site to put it on?  Well, I believe you should buy the plot of land first. Here’s why. Buying the plot of land first, gives you greater flexibility to custom design the house to fit the site which in turn will afford you benefits such as: CORRECT ORIENTATION Designing your dream home using passive solar principals will make you house energy efficient. This means cost savings in the long run. The correct orientation of your site is important in order to benefit   take advantage of these principals. SQUEEZE EVERY INCH It’s easier to fit a square peg in a square hole! Designing your floor plan to take advantage of the unique planning conditions of your site will maximize the building envelope giving you a bigger house. MAXIMIZE VIEW CORRIDORS There is nothing better than walking into a room and experience the impact of a fantastic view. Why waste the money you have spent to get this view by trying to make a stock plan fit on the site. Make the view corridor a design parameter and reap the rewards. MINIMIZE SITE COSTS Forcing a floor plan to fit on a site may put in a position where you are forced to build unnecessary site works such as expensive retaining walls. Custom designing your house to suit the contour of your site will not only save you money it will open up design opportunities that usually result in that special wow factor. It’s not the end of the world if you have bought the house before the plot of land. You just need to approach the task of building your house differently.


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