The Most Important Document

One of the most important documents you will create before you begin to draw a single line of your dream home is the design brief. Your dream home is going to cost you a lot of money and for many of us it will be the most expensive investment we will make in our lives. One of the keys to getting it right the first time is to develop a comprehensive design brief. Why is it so important? Here are few reasons; IT GIVES YOU FOCUS AND CLARITY To correctly formulate a design brief will mean you will need to focus on what really matters to you when it comes to living in house. Understanding your goals will give you the confidence to move forward. IT FORCES YOU TO ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS The process of creating a design brief will force you to ask yourself questions you never really thought about before. Answering these questions will reinforce your focus. IT WILL HIGHLIGHT POTENTIAL RISK AREAS EARLY Asking the hard questions and creating clarity will automatically begin to bring to the surface any risk areas for your particular dream home vision. Knowing about these risks well before you commit to anything gives you the power to do something about it early. IT MAKES THE PROCESS OF CREATING DESIGN SKETCHES SIMPLE When it comes time to put pencil to paper your subconscious mind has already been designing your dream home. The ideas will flow more freely and the solutions will be more evident. Trust me! It works!  


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