Why not Live in a Cave?

Over the last ten or so years the speed at which energy efficient technologies have grown is astounding. I cannot wait to see where we will end up in the next ten years. However, I think most of the problems were already solved ten thousand  years ago. Back then we all lived in caves! The modern equivalents are known as ‘Earth Sheltered Houses’ or ‘Berm Houses’. They look something like this; berm house Why are they so good? Here are a few reasons; CONSTANT TEMPERATRE Given there are minimal faces of the house open to the elements the extremes of temperature are not as readily transferred to the house and visa versa. This results in a relatively even temperature fluctuation throughout the year. GREATER ENERGY EFFICIENCY Because of the minimal temperature fluctuations the need to compensate for either extreme cold or heat is greatly lessened. Less fossil fuel burning can only be a good thing MORE\SECURE Usually, there will only be one major face to the building which will decrease the number of opportunities for entry into the house. GREATER STORM PROTECTION An earth building will not necessarily have a roof nor walls that can be easily affected by high winds or water damage. GREATER FIRE PROTECTION Given there is usually only one major face to the building this greatly decreases the opportunity for fire to enter the building. Also, the roof is made up of a layer of earth which affords the benefit of  insulating the interior. I don’t know about you but an earth building is looking pretty good in my book.  


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