It’s not the Amount of Bricks!

Designing and building your own home will be one of the most expensive things you will do in your life.  Would you rather build a better quality house with the same or even less materials? Or, simply slap together a bunch of rooms and hope for the best?

“…..It’s not the amount of bricks that counts!

It’s the way you stack them!”

Every day I drive past houses that have been so badly designed it is depressing. It is depressing to know that for the same amount of material and money you could achieve a far better result with a few simple design techniques. Let’s take a look at three of them! PASSIVE SOLAR DESIGN Passive solar design principals are simple techniques in space planning. These techniques  will ensure your dream home will be taking advantage of nature without the use of expensive technology.  The sun and prevailing winds are free. Plan you house to take advantage of them. MINIMISE CORNERS Keep the floor of your dream home simple. Too many twists and turns only adds complexity. Complexity adds cost. Every time a wall turns a corner, materials need to be cut and shaped. This equates to more labour costs. LEVERAGE CIRCULATION Every room in your house will have a need for circulation zones so that they can be used. Including zones within the room itself. Circulation zones can only be used for one thing – circulation. Think about where you can overlay these zones to serve more than one room or function within the room. This will reduce the gross floor area of your house. This equates to less materials.  


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