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Deciding what type of roof design to use is a balancing act between emotion and practicality. When designing your dream home which should come first? Your emotional expectations or practical needs of your roof? Here are a few things to think about to help you decide.


The style of roof is of course an emotional decision. It is based purely on the type of architecture you are looking to produce ie. Contemporary, Prairie, Tuscan, Mediterranean,  Asian etc. Each style will have its own set of details or language that will be important to reproduce in order to successfully present your dream home in that style.

We will cover architectural style in future articles in a lot more detail. However, it is one thing to fall in love with a particular architectural style, it quite another when you take into account other factors such as;


Your roof is obviously a critical component in the basic function of a house. It keeps the sun wind and rain off your head! Your particular site will have overriding conditions that will ultimately begin to dictate the type of roof you should have. High pitched roofs in snow prone areas, gutterless roofs in high rainfall areas are examples of roof forms responding to environmental conditions. If your building site is exposed to severe weather conditions you will need to consider this as a major  design parameter.


Efficient roofs are those that endeavour to remove as much opportunity for wind and rain to penetrate or control the flow of heat in and out of the roof space.

The less twists and turns your roof needs to make the less opportunity for joints and crevasses to fail. Also, the colour and type of material will affect your roofs ability to retain or expel heat build up which in turn will affect the rooms below.

Generally, light coloured roofs will reflect heat while darker colours will hold the heat longer. Also, heavier mass materials such as concrete or clay tile will hold heat longer than light mass materials such as sheet metal.

These are just a few factors to consider when deciding on the type of roof for your dream home. We will cover others in future posts.

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