Layer, Upon Layer, Upon Layer

Designing your dream home is about building up the layers of detail from your mind’s eye vision to detailed working drawings. These are the layers, or stages I usually go through when designing dream homes.


The first layer always starts with a spark of inspiration. This can be as quick as a few seconds or a general feeling of appreciation that extends a number of days weeks or even months. The essence of this stage is a positive notion to move in a certain direction. It can be sparked by a simple image in a magazine or experience within another building.


The doodle is the natural progression in an attempt to formalise the vision or emotion. The doodle can and often is a simple as a scribble on a napkin. Many great houses have been started this way. The purpose of this stage is to begin to get a feel for the general mass of the house and possibly how you might interact with it. Flow paths, view lines, site location.


This stage is called the design brief. It entails mostly written dialogue which describes the extent of the home. Number and types of rooms, their size, their relationship to each other, materials, basic regulatory elements, and possibly budget.


Bubble diagrams are the basic building blocks of the floor plan. They will allow you to quickly understand the relationships between the rooms delineated within your design brief and how they will fit within the site


The framework is where you will begin to formalise the bubble diagram by hard lining the wall, floors and roof of the design either with a pencil and paper or with software. The elevation is developed and basic interaction with the building site. Retaining walls and the like.


Once the basic massing of the building is sorted, it’s time to focus on the details of the building. How the roof interacts with the walls. The interaction of materials used on the walls. The style of windows and doors. Specific features you may want included.


Once the detailed construction drawings have been created it’s time to build and turn you vision into reality.


Talk Soon….MM

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