Select the Correct Construction Technique

There are many different types of construction methods and systems that can achieve efficiencies in technology affording you benefits in sustainability. The range of methods include such things as precast concrete, rammed earth, performance glass, composite systems which involve foam and so on. This is all well and good however, addressing the efficient use of energy in a building is only part of the juggling act. What about the logistics of using the system in your particular location? You will need to consider amongst other issues;
  • Availability of experienced contractors
  • Remoteness of the site
AVAILABILITY OF EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS You will need to consider how many options you have in selecting builders who are familiar with your proposed methodology. For example, here in sunny Perth, Western Australia the general consensus is to use double brick walls with concrete roof tiles because it is easy to secure competitive prices with the abundance of skilled labour . Even though a framed or even precast system would perform just as well and probably save you a bunch of construction time and money, contractors to build these systems are not as readily available as they are on the East coast of Australia. The result of this is a blow out in your budget and probably bad quality work. REMOTENESS OF THE SITE Is your building site located  a long way from the general population? Transporting heavy and cumbersome materials to remote locations will only mean high transport costs and higher probability of damage which in turn will hurt your bottom line.  This will include transporting the specialist work force to build the system if the construction method is not common to the area. When selecting a construction method to save you money with long term energy efficiency (understanding the need to do our part in helping the environment) be wary of the effect on other elements in the construction process. Like your budget.  




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