Straw bale! Are you joking?

Using straw to build your house isn’t as silly as it sounds. It has been used for  many 100’s of years and is continuing to stand the test of time. I think we will be seeing more and more of these types of houses. Here’s why Given the increasing need to keep construction costs down and our carbon footprint down let’s take a look at what straw bale housing offers. EASY TO BUILD By shaping the straw into convenient bales gives you a large building block requiring minimal secondary support. The relatively light weight material makes it very easy to move around and also shape into unique shapes. CHEAP MATERIAL Straw essentially is a by-product of grain harvesting. Typically used as feed for live stock or even burnt as waste, it is readily available in large quantities. Although it requires secondary structural support such as timber and additional plaster treatments, the techniques are simple for the average D.I.Yer to build. HIGH ‘R’ VALUES ‘R’ value is a numeric value given to a product to describe its ability to prevent heat to pass through it. Straw bale greatly exceeds typical minimum requirements by around 10 times. That is a huge plus. NATURAL MATERIAL A natural material and also renewable, straw bale ticks all the boxes as an environmental friendly product. As good straw bale sounds, there a few minor items to be aware of: Local authority regulations may not be flexible enough to adequately assess and approve its use in your locality. Do some checking with your local authority before deciding on this form of construction Given straw bale needs to kept dry year round, humid environments are not suitable for this form of construction.  


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