Three Little Pigs!

I am guessing you have heard the story of the Three Little Pigs? Each builds a house. One of straw, the second with sticks and third with bricks. The big bad wolf destroys the first two but isn’t so successful with the brick house. If you are not familiar with this nursery rhyme do a simple google search. There is a mountain of information about it. Anyways, how does this relate to designing your own home? Let’s take a look. One of the critical decisions you will need to make when designing your own home is the type of construction technique you will use. Construction techniques can include;
  • Lightweight frame such as timber and steel
  • Stone and or brick
  • Concrete- Insitu and Precast
  • Straw bale
  • Rammed Earth
  • Modulised systems
Which construction method you decide to use will depend on the balance between factors such as
  • Budget–
    • Can you afford it?
  • Climate
    • Am I building in a desert? Is there excessive snow or rainfall?
  • Accessibility to the construction site
    • How remote is the location
  • Available trades knowledgeable in the construction technique
    •  How common is the technique in the area I am building?
  • Technology integration
    • Is the technique suitable for the technology I intend to use?
All of these things and more will be your particular Big Bad Wolf. Understand you wolf and you will have a house that will withstand the circumstances.  


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