What are your Zones?

When you begin to wonder what your dream home may be like and you start focusing on the way you and your family interact with your current home, you will discover that certain parts of your house are used in a certain way depending on the time of day and the event. Understanding how you and your family interacts with a house will begin to show which zones are required and how those zones will need to interact with each other. Although there is the expected social convention on how we should structure a house, (remember you do not have to comply with this given your dream home is your dream. I talk about this in a recent post) there will be an hierarchy beginning with broader zones like;
  • Private zones
  • Public zones
  • Utility zones
  • Circulation zones
PRIVATE ZONES Private zones ¬†will include the obvious areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms however areas such as studies (dens) can be either private of public, depending on your preference and possible space restrictions. PUBLIC ZONES Public zones will obviously include all your entertainment areas, both inside and outside. Kitchens can be semi private, depending on your entertainment preferences UTILITY ZONES Utility zones including areas such Laundries, Garages, Storage and will be driven by their direct relationship to the either the private or public areas. CIRCULATION ZONES Circulation zones are often missed or not completely understood. These areas essentially join the rest together and can only be used for circulation. When cost per square meter (foot) is at a premium it is the circulation zones which should be economised.  


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